Neolith Worktops


Neolith is a sintered stone. This is 100% natural based product which is made up of 3 elements. Minerals from Granite, Quartz, and Felspar provide the strength found in the product. Minerals from glass and silica provides the stability of the product. The final element is from natural oxides that offer chromatic properties.

Neolith Features

100% Natural

Resin free. Not made from any harmful substances.

Easy to Clean

Easy maintenance and cleaning by using warm water.

Scratch Resistant

Being made from quartz, it is scratch resistant to 7 mohs.


Neolith is a waterproof and liquid resistant material.

Resistant to Acids

Resistant to abrasive acids, oils, vinegar, and wine.

Heat Resistant

Does not burn in contact with fire or hot surfaces.

Range of Colours

Available in a wide range of colours to suit any room.

Neolith Colours

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Neolith Textures

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Neolith Sizes (Slabs & Tiles)


Neolith slabs are available in the following sizes;

3200 x 1500 mm
3600 x 1200 mm
3200 x 1600 mm
2600 x 1200 mm
2600 x 1500 mm *

This great variety translates into greater uniformity and continuity in the different spaces, facilitating their handling and minimizing the number of joints, which provides greater aesthetic and hygienic advantages.

* This format is only available for projects, not in permanent stock.

** The effective measurement of the tables in Décor Polished finish of the Classtone Collection is 3,000mm instead of 3,200mm.

* The effective measurement of the tables in polished finish of Nanotech of the Colorfeel Collection ranges from 3200mm to 3000mm depending on the thickness of the boards. 6mm - 3200mm, 12mm - 3100mm and 20mm - 3000mm


Neolith tiles are available in the following sizes;

1500 x 1500 mm
1500 x 750 mm
750 x 750 mm
1200 x 1200 mm
1200 x 600 mm
600 x 600 mm
600 x 300 mm

Due to the lightness and large sizes available, Neolith tiles make it the ideal material for various commercial and construction projects as it can be used directly on an already existing surface to save costs and handling times.

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