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Selfridges Water Bar fabricated by Rock Revelations

Selfridges on Oxford Street have launched their new H2O Cocktail Bar. This bar will be host to exquisite water infusions, cocktails, wines and spirits.

The Fount Bar located at Selfridges will be Britain’s first H2O cocktail bar offering a wide variety of water infusions. Such infusions and botanical brews celebrate the basis of all great drinks: water. From the ancient traditions of tea drinking to seasonal and surprising fruit infusions – these drinks are tailored to suit different moods.

One of the water-sommeliers quoted this  “One can actually taste the region and depth from which the water comes from. Water has a different taste; different brands can be salty, sweet, smooth, fruity, complex, metallic.”

Each infusion will vary depending on the different types of minerals and source of origin.  In this new Selfridges’ bar, a bottle of Fillico Jewelry Water – sourced from Kobe in Japan whih has been filtered through the Mount Rokkō mountain ranges and comes in glassware that has been decorated with Swarovski crystals.

Rock Revelations were proud to be chosen to fabricate and manufacture Britain’s first H2O Cocktail Bar at our fabrication centre.