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Silestone Textures

Silestone Textures

With Silestone you can extend your project limits by introducing textures to the surfaces.


With Silestone you are able to have polished shine to your worktops. This glimmering shine emphasizes the smoothness and feel of your worktops. This shine adds elegance to any project and retains all the Silestone product features.


Silestone worktops can be fabricated with a suede texture. This finish offers a uniquely soft touch and effect that emits pure beauty and elegance. Maintaining Silestone’s product features and characteristics such as colour consistency means that developers are able to maximise their project requirements.


Volcano is another texture that can be applied to Silestone worktops. This rustic and soft texture is highly attractive and meets the demands of commercial projects that wish to highlight the worktop and brand together.

Silestone Textures

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Silestone Features

94% Quartz

Silestone worktops are made from 94% Quartz.

Easy to Clean

Easy maintenance and cleaning by using warm water.

Scratch Resistant

Being made from quartz, it is scratch resistant.


Being non-porous, it does not absorb any liquids.

Resistant to Acids

Resistant to abrasive acids, oils, vinegar, and wine.

Range of Colours

Available in a wide range of colours to suit any room.

Silestone Colours

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Silestone Sizes

Silestone is available in the following sizes

Standard: 3060 x 1400 mm
Jumbo: 3250 х 1590 mm

Silestone is available in the following thicknesses making it a flexible and versitle material no matter the project.

12 mm
20 mm
30 mm

With Silestone there are many different tile sizes allowing developers and customers to have tiles to suit their rooms and requirements. Tile sizes come in 30x30cm, 40x40cm, 60x30cm, 60x40cm, 60x60cm.

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