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Sensa Granite

Silestone Sensa is a new range brought to you by leading quartz brand Cosentino. The range consists of Granite that has been enhanced to allow a full potential within a kitchen.

It has been treated and embraces anti stain technology. Spilt wine and other liquids will not be absorbed into the surfaces of Sensa granite, whereas it will with normal Granite.

There are a wide range of different colours meaning that Silestone Sensa is an ideal solution for kitchen countertops and bathroom vanity tops to suit any project within the house.

Sensa Granite Features

Stain Resistant

Sensa granite is stain resistant due to its protective properties.

Easy to Clean

Properties of Sensa granite make it easy to clean.


Certified to be used for food preparation surfaces.

Natural Designs

Sensa granite slabs are unique due to the veining's in Nature.

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Sensa Granite Colours

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Sensa Granite Sizes

Silestone is available in the following sizes

Standard: 3060 x 1400 mm
Jumbo: 3250 х 1590 mm

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