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Frequently Asked Questions

A quick FAQ guide for you to understand our procedures.

Sometimes it is difficult in choosing a new worktop for your kitchen or bathroom and you may not know all the options that are available. You may have questions on your mind such as our payment terms, “do i need to remove my existing worktops?”, “do Rock Revelations connect appliances?” and more.


Below you will find a list of our Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) for Silestone Worktops, Granite Worktops, Dekton Worktops and our procedures.

How do i get a quotation?

Visit where you will be able to submit a plan along with your enquiry.

What are your turn around times?

We aim to install worktops 7-10 working days from templating. We will always arrange template and installation dates in email/phone prior to attending site.

Who templates my worktops?

We have a dedicated templating team that will attend site to measure your existing work surfaces. Our templating teams will either use laser tools to measure accurately the surfaces that you require, or carry out a manual template using Correx sheeting.

Who installs my new worktops?

We have a team of qualified stone masons that will install your worktops. Our worktop installation team have the relevant CSCS qualifications to attend all types of sites.

Will I be expected to help carry my worktops?

Strictly No. We do not ask our customers to assist with any of the work, manual lifting or clearing. Worktops are heavy, and Island pieces are even heavier and should only be moved by those who are certified at carrying out the installation, or experienced within the trade industry. When we attend site we will bring adequate personnel to lift and put the tops into position. We sometimes find that kitchen fitters, often ask to assist us out of kindness.

We will always clear up and clean up after our installation and will never expect our customers to do so.

Do you connect my appliances?

No, we do not remove or connect any appliances. You will have to arrange with a certified GAS plumber or Electrician to carry out any work prior to our installation. We may at times put into position taps and seal around the base, but we will not connect any pipework.

Can i see a sample of my material?

Yes. We advise you to obtain from us a sample showing your material. Samples are a guide on how your worktop will look like. Please note, however, that your sample only reflects an overall style of the material. Specs and veins that appear on the sample may be minimal in other samples of the same colour and on the slab veins and specs will be spread throughout.

We advise you to visit our Showroom or Fabrication Centre to view the material.

Will my worktop colour be different to the sample I received? Because slabs come from different batches, there may at times be minimal differences between slabs and samples. More than likely worktops will be the same colour as your sample.

What are your payment options?

For retail projects we have a payment policy of 50% deposit which guarantees the material order and templating booking. This needs to paid before a job can be booked in.

For commercial and trade account holders, payment terms will be tailored to the best possible way. All accounts are subject to T&C’s and are 30 days.

Any other charges?

Ordering Material: 

We only keep a selection of slabs at our Fabrication Centre. We order the right amount for your worktop project. We advise that you see a sample of the material before you order. If you decide to change your mind there would be a re-stocking charge to send the slab back.

Template Charge:

We understand that kitchen installations can sometimes go beyond the deadline for your project. At Rock Revelations, we are very flexible and require a minimum of 24 hours should you wish to reschedule your template slot. If we turn up to site and the base units are not ready for templating then we will have to abort and there will be a charge for this.

Installation Charge:

Similar to above, if we attend site and we find that the base units have been moved or any other amendments such as decorators, trades and large hire machinery are present – all of which making it not possible for us to access and install, then we will have to abort and reschedule a return visit. More than likely we work around trades at a site, but please contact us to let us know.

How much does silestone cost?

The price for Silestone worktops will vary depending on the M2 required for your project and the colour you have chosen. Although there are 6 Price Groups, being a Gold Fabricator for Silestone means that we get the best prices which we are able to pass on.

What is the difference between Silestone and Granite?

Granite is a natural stone that has been treated for use inside the home. The composition that makes Silestone is mixed with raw materials as quartz along with high tech extras giving you the full features of a worktop that is heat resistance, scratch proof and more.

Is Silestone A Marble?

No, Marble is another natural stone. Silestone does have colours within its range that mimic its looks.

Is my Silestone worktop genuine?

Yes, all our Silestone worktops are genuine and will have stamps underneath the worktop and of the silestone logo.

How can i clean my worktops?

Please visit our Care & Maintenance page to find out how to clean your tops.

What is Dekton?

Dekton is a new surface that is man made.

Dekton is the new range of ultracompact worktop series by worldwide industry leading brand Cosentino. This new range of material uses stain resistant technology. Not only does it have UV protection but it is water, impact and heat resistant.

The structure and quality of the surfaces mean it can be installed as kitchen worktops, floor and wall tiles, external housing cladding and much more.

Dekton is a new surface, but is it reliable?

During its manufacturing stages, the slabs have been treated to enhance its features and strengths. Dekton has stain resistant technology, uv protection, it is water resistant and it is also impact resistant.

Dekton is a very reliable surface which we have fabricated and installed hundreds of times. It is an industry leading surface that can be used for commercial and domestic solutions.

How much does Dekton cost?

There are a few price groups for Dekton colours. Factors such as popularity, veins, grains and textures will affect which group they belong. Although these price groups are set directly from Cosentino, you can be assured that we as a Gold Fabricator will always get competitive prices and discounts for you.

Dekton vs Granite and other Quartz?

Although Dekton, Quartz and Granite have the same uses and are worktops, the material that makes them is completely different.

We can liken this to fruits, Apples and Oranges and Pears have the same usage for humans, but are made up of different elements, and are different types of fruit.

Dekton is a man made surface that has been highly tested, highly treated and highly had its features advanced and enhanced. This is ideal for any usage within the house, different formats like cladding, tiles and worktops.

Granite is a natural stone that is porous, although later treated to be water resistant to a certain level. It does not have any of the advantages found in Dekton or Quartz. Its natural veins and grains are wonderful to have in any homes.

Quartz worktops are are made from elements found within the earth, including the mineral Quartz. Mixed with glass and other friendly compounds, it too has had its features enhanced to make its usage within the homes friendly and long lasting.

All types of surfaces are ideal for the home, commercial and domestic uses. It is down to personal preference as to which once you prefer. All have their advantages, some more than others.

How is Cimstone manufactured?

Çimstone is produced in slabs. The production process of Çimstone slabs begins with pure natural quartz aggregates that are extracted from the highest quality quartz quarries and selected in various dimensions to combine with pigments and polyester resins and then pass through vibro-compression process where vibration, vacuum and pressure are applied to create a compact and durable surfacing material.

What are the benefits of Cimstone?

Cimstone is a nonporous, therefore easy to clean and hygienic material that is stain-free and highly abrasion, scratch and impact resistant. There is no need to for sealing or polishing, thus it is virtually maintenance-free. Production available in various textures with different types of effect materials on a broad colour range, Çimstone has an exquisite look fortified with supreme durability, hence it offers ideal solutions for a variety of applications, such as, kitchen countertops and bathroom vanities, flooring, interior and exterior cladding, staircase tiling, skirting and window-sills.

Is Cimstone an artificial product?

No. Çimstone is not an artificial product; 93% of it is made of natural quartz. Çimstone ows its strength to the merits offered by quartz which is a strong mineral stone.

How can i clean Cimstone worktops?

Please visit our Care & Maintenance section for more information.

But… in a nutshell…

Never use cleaning products containing soft or hard scouring granules such as Vim Scouring Powder or Cif Cream, highly acidic (hydrochloric acid) or alkaline products, agents that contain alifatic or aromatic solvents (like thinners), furniture/wood cleaning products containing oils or powders, highly aggressive cleaning agents like oven/grill cleaners as well as dishwasher agents of high alkaline/pH levels. Should your countertop be exposed to any of these damaging products, rinse off your countertop immediately with water to neutralize the effect.

If you have a question that is not listed above, please contact our team on  01536 373 253 and a member of our team will be happy to help.